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I built a skerry from plans
Leathering my new oars
Testing my new spoon oars with video
Free stitch and glue boatplans
Teach Yourself to Sail
Ten Essential Knots
Free Canoe and Kayak Boat Plans
Free Rowboat Plans from Ella rowboat
The Physics of Rowing from Oxford University
Wooden Rowing Oar Plans From Wooden Boat Magazine. These are not free but its worth looking at them to see what a bit of money gets you.
EZ-Row Is a gizmo to allow you face the front of your boat as you row.
Marine Plywood Article.
Making a handmade carbon fiber mast for your sailing dinghy
Making a birdsmouth mast
My sailmaking experiments
Making a Puddle Duck Racer
Launching a stitch and glue Apple Pie Pram that I built as a tender for my Tanzer. The plans were free
Plans for wood strip boatbuilding

Small Print

This information is for general knowledge. If you plan to build a boat, make a wooden canoe paddles or wooden oars, or anything, check and recheck. Work safely. I have not tested most of these plans so there could be mistakes.

Free Oar and Paddle Plans

There are many good free plans for oars, canoe paddles and kayak paddles including Aleut style

Here is a collection that I have put together. If I missed some let me know.

Making your own nice wooden oars is very satisfying. Here are a few plans but also good articles for paddle and oar making

Email me if a plan link is broken. I try to update everything often but the internet is a fast paced place. (and I'm quite poky)

Choose your material carefully so you don't end up with a warped oar :( as I did in my wooden oar making experiment.

Free Paddle Plans

Free Plans for Simple Oars Article by Spark Geissler Free paddle Plans Plans for a canoe paddle from an old book in my family Free paddle plans, single and double bladed, from Michael Storer. Famous for his Goat Island Skiff. He has a new row boat design. Greenland Style Paddle Building Article by George Ellis. Nice Instructions.
Free Plans to make a North Wood Paddle Article by Rick Waters for WCHA org. Paddle Making Article by Geoff Burkes from notes on an LLBean Seminar. Notes and a few diagrams. Making a Canoe Paddle Article By Rob Stevens with detailed instructions. Dynamite Payson's Pictorial Guide to making your own oars! Nice photo tutorial and very nice oars.
Free Plans and instructions to build Oars Bob Smalser builds some nice oars as a wedding-gift for his oldest son. Oar Plans from the PDRacer Web Site Shorty Routh free oar plan page. Free plans for Quick and Dirty Oars Plans and instructions with photos from David Goodchild, for quickly made oars using PVC plumbing pipe. Aleut Eskimo Style Kayak paddle from Chris Brown. Step by step with photos and diagrams. His experiences and experiments.
Nice drawing for a Free Aleut style paddle In Italian, get Google to translate but the plans can easily be figured out. A useful article on Greenland paddle Compared to Aleut, In Italian! get google to translate. Paddling technique. Geodesic Airolites has a oar page Free Paddle Plans and instructions from Words n Wood fun ramble through many woodworking projects.
Outdoor Life has a quick and easy oar page. Not super fine but quick and easy! Bob Gillis carves a nice canoe paddle from the Primitive ways website Free Canoe Paddle Templates from Ashes pdf page

If you plan on making wooden oars or paddles check that the dimensions are good for your boat, longer is usually better.

I try to be accurate and check my information, but mistakes happen. Some free plans are good but others are worth exactly what you paid for them.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine