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This is a trade name for Corrugated plastic sheet made in many colours and thicknesses. Coroplast is a US company. In other parts of the world other trade names might be better known. Examples are Plaskolite, Corplast, Coroboard, Corruboard, Polyflute, Intepro, Correx, Twinplast, Impraboard, Alylux are other tradenames. If you are looking for a local supplier Googling these alternatives might be helpful.

HI-Core is made in available in Canada from Rona. Matra Plast Industries Inc. Canada.
Coroplast is an American Manufacturere of Corrugated Cardboard
Information on Coroplast resin used This is a proprietary polypropylene co polymer.
Corplast specification Page
Corflute is a Corrugated plastic sheet manufactured in Australia
Correx is corrugated plastic made in the UK
Inteplast Fluted Plastic Board is corrugated plastic sheeting extruded from either polypropylene or high density polyethylene.
Wikipedia article on Corrugated plastic
Small Print

This information is for general knowledge. Using non tested materials can be dangerous. If you build a coroplast boat (or any other project) be careful and make sure you test and use your boat in safe waters with appropriate personal flotation devices and backup help.

Home Depot often sells a variation of Corrugated plastic. In this page it is PLASKOLITE.
Acrilix Plastics in Australia has Corflute.
PSP carries Corflute in New Zealand
ND Graphics north of Toronto supplies signmaking materials including coroplast, paints and adhesives as well as tapes which will stick to coroplast.

Coroplast and Corrugated Plastic Sheets

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