misty lake photo for Coroplast working page
side view of corrugated plastic My glue tests
Tests I ran gluing Corrugated Plastic
I tried several hot melt glues and other adhesives.
Saw Trax has a Coroplast cutter which is useful if you cut in the same direction as the flutes, but not so useful otherwise.
Information on Coroplast resin used Melting point (324F or 162C), Density etc.
Corplast specification Page They offer their corrugated plastic "Corruboard" in many thicknesses. Look at the top of the page for the various boxes that are made with it.
Coroplast scoring Video Youtube video showing how the Corrugated plastic can be scored before bending using what looks like a dulled pizza cutter. I use a roller that I bought to repair some screen windows. It has 2 size wheels.
Small Print

This information is for general knowledge. Using non tested materials can be dangerous. If you build a Coroplast boat (or any other project) be careful and make sure you test and use your boat in safe waters with appropriate personal flotation devices and backup help. Using power tools can be dangerous be careful and be safe.

I started building a Coroplast folding boat. first step is a model but I have my materials.
SPAD World (Simple Plastic Airplane Design) forum. Corrugated plastics is widely used by model airplane enthusiasts.
Instructible Coroplast Airplane
Guinae Pig Cages often use Coroplast
Velomobile design from Instructible. Cowling for bike.
Folding Coroplast Geodesic Dome one of many shelter projects that are made from corrugated plastic.
Bill Volk's Coroplast Craziness Page!
3M page on Bonding for plastics.
Wensco Sign Supplies has plastic adhesive tapes for Coroplast

This is a trade name for Corrugated plastic sheet made in many colours and thicknesses. Coroplast is a US company. In other parts of the world other trade names might be better known. Examples are Plaskolite, Corplast, Coroboard, Corruboard, Polyflute, Intepro, Correx, Twinplast, Impraboard, Alylux are other tradenames. If you are looking for a local supplier Googling these alternatives might be helpful.

Working with Coroplast

using scissors to cut corrugated plastic
Using a forstner bit to make holes in Coroplast
Making small holes in corrugated plastic.
using spade bit to make a hole scoring Coroplast

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