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What's New?

I've been doing a big update of the site. Mostly checking for dead links and adding entries to the various plan pages. It looks sort of boring but keeps the site up to date.

It's the time of year where people start thinking about building a new boat

I've just added a new page of links to Canoe and Kayaks boat plans.

Many Canoe and Kayak plans, many different building methods and several free plans

Here is a link to an index of my different plan pages.

Index to Many different styles of boats in all kinds of building techniques

How to find urine stains using UV lights

How to get rid of Cat Pee Smells

Why does Cat Urine Smell so Much and
Why is it Hard to Get Rid Of?

Why Cats Pee in the house

Why do vets do urine tests on cats

I've added a new page of plans for multihulls, Catamarans and Proas


I've added a new page on Advantages and Disadvantages of multihulls and Catamarans


A visit to the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory

A great place to visit and take the kids. Don't forget your camera

Treating very young kittens for fleas


Fleas on Dogs

Information about fleas on dogs, how to identify them and guide to control.

It's time to make sure fleas are not following your dog inside for the winter.

kayaking in Port Colborne

Making a Sprayskirt for a Kayak

I made a DIY kayak sprayskirt and it works quite well.


Kayaking in Black Creek is very peaceful

Black Creek runs between Stevensville Ontario and the Niagara River. It makes for a nice day trip.

kayaking in Port Colborne

I went Kayaking in Port Colborne, Lake Erie

I went Kayaking around the Opening of the Welland Canal in Port Colborne. I had a great time.

kayak launching dolly

Simple Kayak Cart

I bought a plywood kayak this summer and this is the dolly that came with it. It's ugly but works quite well and is easy to build.

Plants that attract bees

Flowers that attract bees and other pollinators

Plants in my garden that really attract bees and other pollinators. Many butterflies too.

irrigation system

Simple DIY Irrigation System

I put together a simple irrigation system for my raised beds. Some drip and mostly soaker hose. It's been working really well and saves a lot of time and some money.

My Scamp Build Continues

I've been working steadily but I just got around to updating the build pages.

scamp cabin side glued

Cabin sides Glued on

The cabin / cuddy sides are fitted and glued on.


Floor is Glued finally.

The first floor layer is finally glued in

making charcoal

Making Charcoal at Home

I make charcoal for the garden and also for burning. I'm planning to try and cast aluminium after I launch my boat. This is how I make charcoal in the woodstove. Easy and safe.

Does using newspaper mulches add heavy metal to soil?

I Did some checking and here is my report

Led lights

LED Lights

I made a light to help start seeds inside.

nesting box

Making a couple of nesting boxes

I was procrastinating doing some epoxy work on the SCAMP so I made a couple of nesting platforms for Robins, Blue Jays or Mourning Doves. I'll install them tomorrow and see who claims them.

How much epoxy is needed to cover fiberglass cloth?

I was running out of epoxy and wondered if I would have enough to finish the hull or if I should order more.

war plane

I visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

I was actually visiting the Hamilton Woodworking show but it was held in the war plane museum and what a treat.

Inner Tube Boats

I just updated my Inner tube boat, Corky page.


I found a great local lumber mill

Located in the Niagara Region. It's always great fun to go on a field trip. I found good lumber for the gunwales of the SCAMP.


Some Photos of spiders that live in my yard

What is Stainless Steel?

I was curious and did some digging to find out what made steel stainless. Why are some magnetic and others not. As usual there is much more than meets the eye.

Comparison of characteristics of red oak and white oak

Can I use red oak for boatbuilding and what is the difference between red and white oak.

Table of Characteristics of red and white oak.

diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is one of the safest garden insecticide there is

What is it? How do you use it? How safe is it?


What is Cedar and is it good for boatbuilding?

I tried to figure out the difference between the many woods referred to as CEDAR. There is more to cedar than meets the eye.

Table of Characteristics of different North American Cedars

graphite powder

Graphite powder is often added to epoxy to make it more slippery

It is used on hulls of light boats and for parts that need to slide against each other such as centreboard and its case.


My 12 Essential Garden Plants

These plants provide almost all the vegetables we eat in over the Summer and Fall.

Knowing how to Heave-to could save your life

Heaving to is often the safest way to weather a storm if you can't get to a safe spot in time.

I built a jig to hold the bulkhead against the curved bottom

Tar Based Boat Finishes

Traditional tar based boat finishes have been used for centuries

quiz about sail

So you Think you know everything about sails? Take my sail, rig and sailing quiz.

I've been playing with a simple Javascript quiz. Test your Knowledge, basic and otherwise.

Ticks and their control in Cats

Books about boatbuilding, sailmaking and traditional small boats

These are mostly books I have mentioned in my various boat pages and decided to put together in one page. To a great extent they are books I have in my own library.

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